a film by Welket Bungué.

A film shaped by mysticism, the poetics of simultaneity, and the voice of resistance and reflection in Amílcar Cabral. Between the hustle and bustle of a new year’s eve spent in the Bissagos Islands, a renewed feeling arises with the reunion of people, merging the layers of language and behaviour to celebrate the historical and intergenerational complexity that inhabits Guinea-Bissau.

letter-poem by Lolo Arziki

Memory of Arziki for Bungué

Water colors of the crossings
We crossed with fear and banzo,
Many peoples, many nations
unified by the oppressive language
Separated by physical slavery
Mental slavery and emotional slavery
Digs the pain inside our chests.
If the struggle seeks political, economic, social emancipation
He also seeks wisdom to enjoy the freedom he has gained.
Yet at times we seem afraid to live
calling the memory becomes urgent.
A memory built by our narratives, which has body and voice, which
Who laughs, feels, dances and rests...

Memories with more than 500 years of history

set photographies by Kristin Bethge

director and scriptwriter WELKET BUNGUÉ performed by JOÃOZINHO DA COSTA, ALIU SANTY and WELKET BUNGUÉ cinematography WELKET BUNGUÉ editing DUARTE LIMA voice over SUAILA FONSECA CÁ audio recording studio BLISSON SOUND, RÁDIO ESCADA sound design DANIEL SANTOS colorization S.K. CAMILO music DIIMA production WELKET BUNGUÉ